The Farm

from, ‘The Farm,’ a short film created by Richard Smith III and Eleanor Detrich

there’s a certain quality of this land

it allows your heart to fall back and rest

a slowing that opens up the senses to a distinctively mannered rhythm

it’s the ease of waking up to light leaking through lace

something being brought out of you — something that perhaps is always there

but stays quiet when you’re constantly spinning your wheels

here it’s glass mugs and marbled plates

moonshine in the cupboard and apple fritters on the counter

it’s wall to wall woodblock prints in the studio

a prism of pastels and paints

and sketches offering a glimpse of things to come

it’s named and numbered bedrooms

their porcelain knobs opening up to distinct havens

each with a personality of its own

it’s an ocean of corn rising high above your head

and crunching gravel beneath old borrowed boots

sliding open a heavy metal door and breathing deep a mix of dust and hay

stepping inside the horses’ quarters before eyes adjust to tenuous shadows

it’s cows in the pasture calling out like a pickup truck

and a murder of crows squawking somewhere off in the trees

it’s climbing up hay bails and hiking up hills

walking through the zigzag paths of dragonflies and monarchs gone by

it’s looking out over the land from the highest hill it’s got, sitting on outspread coats

there’s a mix of old and new here

dusty books find their place on the shelf while the writing of another is underway

prints are poised beneath glass and frame while the outline of the next is carved

cows groan for their young in the hills as the soy beans dry gold for harvest

it’s our breath falling in sync for the first time

the pulse of our hearts beginning the tune of a rhythmic beat

cardinals diving past in pairs

our eyes shyly locked on each other

noticing something we hadn’t before

it’s not about finding something here

it’s about drinking in that golden light like fuel for the thing that’s already been born inside of you — that thing you’ve started but aren’t sure you’ll ever complete

it’s hard

and it’s beautiful

but there’s nothing for you to prove

sink back into your own skin

lean over the thing

and let it be born

because right now, this moment,

it’s all part of it

we’re all in the midst of the painstaking, glorious process