How to be an Innovator?

PC-Office-Box by FritsAhlefeldt-Laurvig

1/3 Stop being an executor. As a manager, as an employee, as a human.

2/3 Act as if you’re the secret service for problems. Innovation is not about coming with a great idea, but about solving problems, so make sure you spot them first. For that you’ll have to get out of the comfort of your office. Also practice solving problems.

3/3 Unleash your empathy. Creativity will follow.

This is a series of experimental short posts.

About the author:

Elina Zheleva is a Design Thinking Evangelist trained at the HPI School of Design Thinking and Stanford She also works on bringing Design Thinking to startups, companies and public organisations in Bulgaria and CEE where she originally comes from. She is the proud founder of

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