The Secret Power of Fashion Hats

Sometimes all you need to change your life is a hat.

Today, like any other work day, I walked to the bus stop. The X9 pulled up, but instead of blasting halfway down the block, making us feeble pedestrians chase after it like a herd of nervous cows, it stopped right in front of me. Interesting, I thought.

The doors swung open, a sporty waif of a high school boy and a sweaty businessman charged at them. But almost as quickly as they propelled themselves, they stopped and ushered for me to go ahead. Huh, I boarded the bus first, slightly stunned, my public transport chariot eagerly awaiting. I guess chivalry isn’t dead.

I sauntered down the rows, attempting to walk in a straight line as the bus lurched forward, aware of a handful of lingering glances from my fellow bus mates. I looked around, trying to make sense of this excess of attention. All at once it hit me– it’s because of my hat.

This hat– beautiful, wide brimmed, and mossy brown– is reminiscent of Smokey the Bear’s daily uniform. Peering out from under its expansive brim, I realized I command a certain kind of power. I stand out like a hipster lighthouse in the Where’s Waldo of Life.

While getting dressed this morning, I thought I’d made the simple decision to keep my sensitive head follicles protected from the sun and my style game on point. But that was merely the tip of the proverbial hat iceberg. Silly me. Little did I know back then, a fashion hat sends a message to the universe: I am ready to become my true self.

You see, a hat like this is different from other hats. While a beanie keeps your head warm during the winter and a baseball cap lets everyone know your athletic affiliation, a fashion hat’s utility is purely emotional. It’s accessory Ayahuasca, intentionally brought into your life at the precise moment with the purpose of reaching your higher self.

Wearing this hat, I feel myself transform.

I’m not the clumsy girl with her overstuffed day bag and 8-pound yoga mat walking down the narrow bus aisle I was yesterday. No. I’m now a stylish yoga nymph, balancing the regimen a healthy lifestyle demands with my lust for travel and adventure. I’m an independent forest goddess trying to regain some sense of normalcy before my influencer boyfriend and I set out for a 6-month agrotourism trip.

Beginning now, I am not only someone who believes in living my truth, but also someone who could use that phrase with complete sincerity to the point it inspired others to do the same.

Sure, I’m riding bus because I don’t own a car. But this is the new me, do I even believe in cars? As a water sign, do cars match my natural vibration? And I mean, what is ownership, really? Aren’t we all just made of stardust? These are the questions I pontificate daily now.

And yea, maybe my higher self doesn’t have what people would call a “job”, but how could a typical 9–5 ever allow me to self-actualize? I wouldn’t say I’m employed, but rather a self-motivated freelance creative consultant and soon-to-be-self-published eBook author. Obviously that can’t all fit on a business card but you can just follow me on Snapchat instead! What a time to be alive, am I right?

And as the bus continued down Ashland, I recognized a permanent internal shift had occurred. My old self behind me, a better version emerging right there on the matted blue carpet seats of the CTA. I can’t even remember what the top of my head looks like, and that’s ok! Gone are the days of my dull, un hat-ed lives. Before me, endless possibilities and Instagram-worthy pics. I can feel my follower count growing at I type this. Pinterest was right, the future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams and a sturdy brim made of felt. Here I go, I hope you’ll join me!