This is Eliot

1993,8 pound 0 Ounce human was born

Ready to tackle the World

Ready to shape the Earth

“She” was how they would refer to the tiny human

“She” did not want to wear dresses

“She” wanted to wear “daddy’s clothes”

“She” pushed you to think outside the box

“She” was not what you imagined; she was so much more

“She” was brilliant

“She” was kind

“She” was funny, and silly and wise

“She” was everything you thought she would be, except she would not wear a dress

“She” dated boys

“She” loved girls

“She” was loved by all

“She” grew up faster then you could have imagined.

“She” was strong

“She” was weak

“She” was brave

“She” was an artist

“She” excelled, and she failed

“She” soared, and she fell

“She” grew wise for her years

“She” had someone determine the value of her worth

“She” fell

“She” lost

“She” dug deep.

“She” put herself together

“She” found out who she was

“She” cut off her hair

“She” changed her name

“She” found herself, she claimed her worth

“She” was more than she imagined

“She” was more than “She”

“She” IS more

“She”. Is. Eliot.