Confessions of a Quarter-Life Crisis;

How the hell did I get here?

Sitting on a balcony in the sun after receiving the umpteenth rejection letter for a job stating that I didn’t have the “skills or experience” required for a job that didn’t really seem to need skills or experience.

NB. I do have the skills and experience.

It’s been months of this now.

Literally months.

There’s some major pride swallowing going on here. I arrogantly quit my job and life in another city thinking I would return home and everything would magically get better. 
In the fight or flight dilemma, flight won.

And now I’m coming to terms with the fact that I might have been wrong.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I haven’t even been able to get an interview yet. 
Forced to confront the reality that years of working in arguably one of the best restaurants in the country counts for nought when you have no hospitality career aspirations. And the final six months of my big city life were so rife with unpleasantness that it has only succeeded in leaving a bad taste in my mouth and a complete unwillingness to do a job that I can’t stand. 
Except now, no job that I’m interested in will look past my years of ‘no skills or experience’.

I mean, fuck, what do you do?

i. Review the last five years and wish that you had made significantly smarter decisions at more of your life’s junctions.

ii. Do the thing you absolutely do not want to do and work in some shitty job that will sink you further in to your depression.

iii. Remain, perhaps naively, optimistic that sooner or later some one on the other side of your online application might give you enough of a chance to not eliminate you from their job search at the first hurdle.

Realistically the answer is probably a clumsy combination of all three.

iv. Take a job you might hate for the time being (but only for the time being!) because one needs an income, while continuing to hopefully search for a more fulfilling career path and desperate trying not to repeat the same shitty, short term decision making patterns.

Meanwhile, I guess I will keep sitting on the balcony hoping that one of the many outstanding job applications will come back with the opportunity for an interview and save me some of the trouble.

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