Me and George left Bristol airport and arrived at Amsterdam. A place I went to in January with a bunch of my Camp Echo friends (A story for another time).

We bought our train tickets and then headed straight for Rotterdam. Before leaving for this trip I shall warn you not much planing was made before. It was a month when we both decided lets go! However we had some kind of idea on the route we would take. Therefore I never had many expectations on what a place should feel like.

So we got off the train (thank the lord for Google Maps, without it I would still be lost in the middle of Europe) and headed for our hostel, we picked the cheapest one off As we got closer George said “El, what have we done. Is this the place we’ve booked?” I didn’t know what to do or say but laugh. From the outside this hostel looked like a run down shop with people sat outside smoking. The building was very grotty and down a side street which wasn’t very inviting.

HOWEVER once you got in side it hadn’t really changed. It was a very communal hostel with one large open games/eating/reception room which was pretty cool. And I believe there may have been 3/4 rooms for sleeping. We ended up in a 24 mixed bed dorm. I mean it was odd at first but people keep them selves to them selves and if you ever wanted to chat then people are always more than interested in having a conversation.

So there we spent three nights.

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