Rotterdam Part 2

We began exploring. We didn’t know about any public transport (but who needs that anyway) so we set off on foot and just walked. We made our way to Rotterdam Central so we could plan our next journey ahead of the departing day — something I highly recommend doing along the way if you want to save time!!

Rotterdam Central is a pretty funky building, as is the rest of the city! You’ll see from my photos the colour rainbow path, the cool architecture and structures.

Walking through the city was a great experience, very modern and clean with lots to see and do! Today we headed for the Cube houses and Rotterdam Markthal. Again both architectural designs were super impressive, the market was full of wonderful foods and restaurant where you can buy the typical local products of cheese, meats, fruits. Also try out very a scrummy savoury crepe. Looking at the cube houses was pretty surreal and people actually live in these! As you walk under you can see people’s belongings through the windows. It would have been great to of seen the insides.

This was all situated near the harbour and docking yard, a nice walk to follow and head west of the city to see this incredible tall bridge, with an even cooler lego type building behind it. Continuing a circle route back towards the hostel takes you through a little bit of a residential area then you can head back towards the main street, where you pass one of the fanciest McDonald’s building ever!

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