San Franciscan, As If Your Stomach Is Craving For Chinese Food!

“chīfàn le ma?” = Have you eaten pals? I’m just one of the people who is in love with FOOD. Living in San Francisco, as you can see all around you everyday, walk down the street, I bet you would meet some Asian people, talk in recognizable pronunciation. As far as the growth of Chinese population, Chinese-San Franciscan represents the single largest ethnic minority group with 21.4% of all and YES! we have the best Chinese community and best Chinese restaurants here.

One of my favorite routines is to walk around the city and even everywhere I go and finding a little gems in every corner of the city. Here are some of the best SF city Chinese restaurants I want you to try out some day!

  1. Mission Chinese Food : A diamond in the heart of Mission with the traditional chinese decoration and nice 70's to 90’s music. You could find it interesting with all chic American waiters and waitresses. Nice and fancy Chinese fusion food and chef special menu like Kung Pao Pastrami or you can go crazier with Matcha and Squid Ink Noodle. 2234 MISSION ST SF CA 94110 BETWEEN 18TH & 19TH ST. Check out this video below!

2). San Tung : One of the best Chinese community in San Francisco is here in the Sunset district. Talking fried chicken, I know you might think about Wing wing on Haight. Hey! give this one a try and you will think twice. San Tung has the best house special Chinese-Korean-ish Fried Chicken, either wings or boneless, They are ready to be served here 1031 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122b/t 12th Ave & 11th Ave.

3). Golden Horse Restaurant : Lounge-like Chinese food looks pricy but not even close. You can get 5 alacarte dishes within 60 bucks. Delicious Spareribs, Sautéed Fillet Of Flounder And Deep Fried Bones, Sautéed Chinese Broccoli or everyday-like menus, such as Chow Mien or Fun..and more. In the middle class residential area near downtown like Nob hill, I think Golden horse is one of your best choices to fill your stomach all day long. Address : 1060 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109

4). Mama Ji’s : Step away from China town, we still be able to find a very good home-style dim sum place in Castro district area. With the 2016 Michelin Guide recommended guarantee the quality and everything. If you don’t mind waiting.. just get in line first thing in the morning and wait to be seated.. I guarantee, Mama is not going to let you down. Not a fan of dim sum?.. No worries Mama Ji got you cover with regular Szechuan style dishes (but who doesn’t like the sound of dim sum?) Address : 4416 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

5). Last But not least.. surprisingly, you could find this restaurant as easier as walking right out of Powell Muni or Bart station. M.Y.China : Award Winning Chef, James Beard has the greatest creation of modern style Chinese food. If you’re a big fan of calamari, please try Salt & Pepper calamari as an appetizer. The freshness of the calamari plus the special seasoning like paprika and a little bit of spice….Wow..Sounds good, doesn’t it? Try it several times. Explore some strange menu names, I think you will be always happy to go there. Lunch menu, Dinner menu and Happy hour menu, special occasions or even anniversary, they are waiting for you at San Francisco Westfield shopping center. Address : Westfield San Francisco Centre 845 Market St, Ste 480, San Francisco, CA 94103

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If your appetite is calling, give them a try!