Modern Day Education

Isn’t education about learning? Isn’t it about preparing us for the future? Giving us skills which will help us get a job when we’re older?

High school has taught me a lot of things, such as; how to work out the area of a cube, how a waterfall is formed, the difference between an alkene and an alkane. The list is endless, lots of trivial nonsense I probably won’t apply to my real life after my final exams. But if I’m not going to use any of these in my life then what’s the point of spending five years of my life reading over the same useless bullshit?

Qualifications. That’s why. Qualifications are the reason why I’ve spent the ages from 14–16 feeling hopeless, worthless and stressed with mountain upon mountains of work. From a young age, I thought that my teenage years would be full of fun and excitement. I never pictured myself crying in my bedroom on a Monday night over an essay that’s due on Tuesday morning. Knowing perfectly well that my English teacher will mark it that evening after three glasses of wine whilst his wife screams at him for lacking in some area of their failing marriage. Then he’ll give me some below average grade which won’t mean anything to him but will send me straight into the pits of hell.

I have to get these qualifications, otherwise I’m fucked for the rest of my life. That's what the teachers tell me. That’s what my parents tell me. But they’re wrong. I don’t need three certificates validating my intelligence and skills, the fact that I can’t solve maths equations at 16 probably won’t affect me becoming at writer at 25. Why do I have to spend thirteen years of my life stuck in 8 hours blocks of confinement in a shitty building with restrictions on everything from the way we dress to the times that we eat. Why are these years the most important years of our lives yet us, ourselves are not important enough to be taken seriously because we are too young.

Rather than teaching me and preparing me, education has degraded me, shut doors for me and knocked me down. School is no longer a place of learning but a place of dread for the youth of today.