Five Crazy Things Writers Do (but Will Never Admit)

“Because our dumb habits are just oh-so-funny… Right?”
  1. They talk to their characters all the time.
    In their heads, it’s always crowded and confusing. Over time, the line between what’s real and what’s in his mind becomes faded, and characters might as well be very officious in real life. Longs story short, it’s like a 24/7 high school reunion, but with way less resentment and much more brawls, and everyone wants to comment on everything.
  2. They are often caffeine or tea addicted.
    And this, my friends, happens because caffeine addiction might be a bad thing but damn if it helps with the sleepless nights, bad days, bad writing days, headaches and everything stressing about being creative.
  3. They are not after the money.
    Because, if one decides to go down the path of writing, the first thing to know is that poverty is just beyond the corner. Deep down, all a writer’s hopes revolve around their novel, and how it will be appreciated. Making it to the Bestsellers and earning a huge lot of money just don’t matter that much, as long as readers like the characters and plot.
  4. Everyone secretly hopes that writing at Starbucks will make him feel like a super serious, real writer.
    In fact, that just made authors look hipster and kind of sugar addicted. Moreover, said cafeterias are good providers of tea and coffee, which creates basically the pond-in-the-middle-of-Jungle effect. Have you ever seen The Jungle Book live-action? Something like that.
  5. Spending Saturady nights in search of the perfect actor/actress in a movie adaptation of their novel is totally accepted.
    They’ll never admit it, but they have their next project’s cast fully settled already. However, if you’re kind enough to show a real interest, after a few nos (we have to keep up appearances) any writer will be more than happy to show the hundreds of photos they’ve found, beaming with pride for just how beautiful their babies are.