Sometimes I doubt myself. Sometimes I don't think I can handle the life I've been given, but every time I get too low, something happens to remind me that the world is bigger. That there's always more.

I crossed behind some barriers at the river. Shhh. Don't tell. They were mostly torn down anyway & there was a well worn path. I get to a mostly damaged wooden overlook & see the beat up looking wood coin that's in this photo.

Maybe someone placed it there. Maybe God did, after last October's flood. For any of my readers who don't know, South Carolina had heavy rains and a once in a thousand years flood in October of 2015. It cost many lives and destroyed and damaged many homes in my area. My own home is fine now, but it had some damage. So did my car.

I had it much better than many in my city. A partly collapsed ceiling, a water damaged closet, and one extremely wet vehicle is a small price to pay. Others weren't so lucky. Some lost their lives, or their entire home.

So, either someone placed that wooden coin there, intentionally, to give others hope, or God put it there, for the same reason. Either way, I saw a sign. There's always hope, as long as I'm breathing.

Life is bigger than me. The world is bigger than me. I haven't been feeling well, and it's been getting me way too down. I have got to remember that life is a gift, and that I can face any challenge and win.

Funny how one little trip to Riverwalk can change your whole outlook. Remember, what that coin says is the truest truth out there. And yup, Coulter, every day is a good day. ♡

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