Keeping Faith In Illness

When a person is chronically ill, they spend a large part of life sick and/or in pain. It's the way it is- the very definition of the word chronic. It makes life a challenge. Even on better days the illness can't be ignored. There's always medications to take. We've got to try and keep those symptoms at bay.

Faith is key. For everyone, not only the chronically ill. How hard it must be to get through life without God. Here, some tips on fighting the battle of your life without losing hold of your faith. Sometimes it's possible to lose sight of God in the hard times.

Stay centered. Figure out what's needed to stay as on top of the game as possible. Eat right. Try to get enough sleep. Keep track of meds. Do your best to take care of yourself. Don't forget prayer.

Stay connected. Tell your doctors what's going on. They can't help if information is withheld. Also, it's the only way to get the needed answers.

Stay supported. Family and friends are the best way to get through the good and bad of life. They want to help, most likely.

Stay in charge. It may feel like absolutely nothing is the way it should be. Illness can do that. It takes over everything if allowed. Control what you can. Decide what matters most and make it a priority.

Stay hopeful. It's not hard to see how things could feel unbearable. The future is even more uncertain for the chronically ill than it is for the average person. If hope is lost, misery will take over and that makes everything worse, including illness.

It can be hard to see God's hand in pain, but with Him there is always hope for the future. We must hold on to faith, even in the hardest of times. We need Him in everything. Stay strong and reach for wellness through the hardest stuff, and please don't forget your prayers!