A Snaphot of Destiny

Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

The fortune teller has been glaring at Polly for 10 minutes, and Polly hasn’t dared to look away. There’s something in the woman’s eyes that makes it impossible. Something almost threatening that tells her not to break the silence.

And yet, despite the hostile atmosphere, Polly’s feeling a little bored. She’s also more than a little peeved that she’s spent £45 just to be stared down by a woman with cold, hard eyes. She came here to be told of her future. She expected a crystal ball at the very least.

The fortune teller blinks, shakes her head, and finally looks away. “Gotcha,” she says. “Here. Take this.” She pulls a cardboard tube out from beneath the table and hands it over. “There’s a picture in here which depicts your future. Don’t peek until you get home. And don’t get too upset… we can’t all have the perfect life.”

Polly nods as she takes the package. “Thanks,” she says.

The fortune teller grunts. “My commiserations.”


“Go now. My next client is waiting.”

As Polly steps through her front door, dumps her handbag at her feet and prepares to open the cardboard tube, she feels goosebumps run up and down her arms. There’s an energy coming from the package, as though the picture held within really will depict her destiny.

She pops the plastic cap from the end of the tube and tips out the contents. A sheet of paper is rolled up tight and secured with slim, brown rubber bands. She slides them away, holds her breath and unrolls her future life.

It’s a photograph of her in the familiar environment of her living room, but with one major difference.

She is surrounded by cats.

Dozens and dozens of cats cover the sofa around her and the entirety of the floor. They’re cats of every breed, shape, size, and degree of fluffiness. There are black cats, white cats, grey cats, ginger cats, tabby cats, tortoiseshell cats, and even a pale pink hairless cat crouched in the corner.

There are cats every-fucking-where.

Polly is dumbfounded. “I’m going to be a crazy cat lady,” she says quietly with a small shake of her head. “That’s… I can’t… I don’t… That’s...”

She thinks of everything she’s ever wanted from life and wipes a tear away from her cheek. “I guess dreams really do come true.”