Be Transformed with DNA Body Rejuvenation Therapy™

Medical science is pushing the boundaries of cosmetic surgery and the results are incredible.

Are you tired of the signs of aging? Are wrinkles, sagging skin, and sun spots getting you down? Is your figure not what it once was? Has your figure never been up to scratch? Do you have stubborn fat lurking around your middle? Is your hair turning grey and losing volume? Do you hate looking in the mirror?

Age Reversal Laboratories has the solution: DNA Body Rejuvenation Therapy™.

This all-new cosmetic procedure is perfect for individuals who desire a full body makeover with a single, simple procedure. We can turn back the years in a matter of months. You’ll look younger and feel more confident than ever before. It all begins with your DNA.

What is DNA Body Rejuvenation Therapy™?

You’ve all heard of Dolly the Sheep, right? Well, our technology is the very same as that used to create the famous Dolly, only more advanced, more reliable, and more versatile.

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Here’s how it works:

First, you’ll have a consultation with one of expert physicians to discuss the age-related issues you’re dealing with. Then, you’ll talk results. Let us know exactly how you’d like to look, and we’ll make your dreams come true. Stronger cheekbones, perkier buttocks, glossier hair — whatever your vision of your perfect self, we can make it a reality.

Next, we’ll take a small vial of your blood. This the vital elixir which acts as the basis for your brand new body! We’ll retrieve your DNA and use our patented Gene Rejuvenation Technology™ to tweak it, giving you the perfect features you’ve always desired. It’s still your DNA, only better.

Once we’ve tailored your DNA to perfection, the talented technicians in our Growth Lab will quickly get to work on growing a brand new you. Our Advanced Body Growth Tonic™ allows us to mature your cloned body within just three months, rather than years. Think of it like the fertiliser you use in your garden, only for human bodies instead of plants — simple!

The Procedure

Now comes the exciting part.

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When your new body has reached maturity, it is humanely slaughtered and prepared for transplant.* The surgery is incredibly simple; we just move your brain from your old body right into your new one.

You’ll be invited to our luxury medical spa two days before the procedure, giving you time to make yourself at home and relax in readiness for surgery. The surgery itself takes around 12 hours, and when you wake up, you’ll be able to take a look at your brand new, beautiful body.

You’ll still be you — your personality will remain completely intact, and even your physical features will be much the same, only improved. Results of DNA Body Rejuvenation Therapy™ are subtle and natural; people will tell you that you’ve never looked better, but they won’t quite be able to put their finger on what’s changed! Your secret is safe with us.

* Body clones are slaughtered in a manner that protects body health and physical appearance; cerebral hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) is stimulated to destroy the brain while maintaining normal function throughout all other areas of the body. To the best of our knowledge, this process is reasonably painless for the cloned bodies.


Recovery takes as little as two weeks, during which time you’ll be free to enjoy as many of our luxury facilities as you wish. And trust us — you’ll want to! From tennis courts to swimming pools, golfing greens to gourmet restaurants, and even our very own private beach, we have everything you need for a comfortable recovery.

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Don’t worry about whether you’ll be fit to get up and explore, either; you’ll be feeling as fabulous as you look in next to no time. During the procedure we use the very latest in scalpel and surgical saw technology to minimise pain throughout recovery. Most patients can’t even tell that the upper half of their skull has been removed and glued back on again!**

** Potential side effects during recovery include but are not limited to: pain, swelling, redness, and infection of the incision site; headaches; swelling or bleeding of the brain; seizures or strokes; depression, anxiety, or suicidal ideation; mood swings, lethargy, loss of interest in things once found pleasurable, or other personality changes; short or long term memory loss; death.


Hundreds of patients have already undergone DNA Body Rejuvenation Therapy™.*** The results of the procedure go further than simple aesthetics, with satisfied patients reporting a boost in confidence, an increase in energy, and positive changes in the way others interact with them.

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“I told people I was going on vacation for a few weeks, and when I came back they put my transformation down to a good tan and some fresh air. Little did they know I had a whole new body! The procedure really was like a vacation, too — there’s so much to do at Age Reversal Lab’s facility. I was drinking cocktails on the beach every night — they really took the edge off the crippling headaches, which were only a small price to pay for my new body.” Amelia R.

“I feel incredible! I always hated the shape of my breasts, and they only looked worse the older I got. Rather than try to come to terms with how I looked, it was just so much easier to have a full body transplant. After all, it allowed me to fix the furrow in my brow and the bend in my nose at the same time!” — Susan E.

“My experience at Age Reversal Labs was fabulous. They really did provide an impeccable service; I felt like I was in a luxury hotel rather than a hospital. I even made a few of friends on my first night, though unfortunately I lost touch with them after we all had our procedures. The doctor said they were moved to different ward and I couldn’t seem to find them once I was back up on my feet. If you’re out there, ladies, I’d love to catch up and see your results!” Frankie K.

Check out our case studies to read more stories from our satisfied patients and to see their transformations for yourself!

*** 8% of 212 patients who have undergone DNA Body Rejuvenation Therapy have survived and reported satisfaction with their results.


You can now take on the journey of full body transformation with a friend!

For a limited time only, Age Reversal Laboratories are offering an unbeatable two-for-one deal on DNA Body Rejuvenation Therapy™. This is the perfect opportunity to bring along a guest for a body transformation at our luxury medical spa.****

Get in touch for more details!

**** Two-for-one deal includes two clones of the main patient only; the guest patient will receive a clone of the main patient’s body with DNA tweaks tailored to their own personal preferences.

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