Words fall deaf because eyes shine dull.

Heart is sticky with sickly, sweet sentences

that try to appease my aching hole.

But I am nourished on raw truth and cannot stomach the meaninglessness

that falls from your lips cloaked in encouragement.

I’d rather hear you roar, raging at my incompetence than do anything to

keep me silent.

Save your side hugs for those with one side, I am a whole person and need enveloping.

Let me down, don’t keep me happy.

When you speak I’ll watch your eyes and see you avoid my gaze,

shift from foot too foot spewing sweet nothings and widening my loneliness.

No more false connections, I’d rather lie in the dust and speak to the stars

than pull up a chair at your dinner table.

You insincere man, hiding behind your set phrases.

Perhaps your heart has its own rhetoric of truth, perhaps you’ll realise

what an echo you are.

Perhaps you’ll always stay safe.

If that’s the case, step aside: I’ve got not time for souls that lie and hide.