Lonely city, friendly space
Open mind to overhead peppered with sky,
Big windows for big apple dreams 
And wide smiles that offer warm chat.
You’re on your own here
But they’ll take care of you
Sort of.
Loyalty to the grid and coffee dotted subway,
Parks playing politics and cafes manifesting solidarity.
Wind whipped coat-clad silhouettes 
Against glitter dust snow,
Hallways of tourists desperate for the loo
Art in your mouth spits beats in Harlem
Love in your hand chasing freedom in tandem
Mac and cheese dusted off with manhattans
Bitter poison tasting sweet to the locals
Feel known
Chucked out of Guggenheim into the snow
Get charged for wine the French would spit out
Grow harder, yet softer that paradox of New York
Run onto rooftops with socky toddlers,
Breathe into the night, click, flash, disposable camera
Cannot capture the scale
And how I feel bigger than life.
It’s like being in a movie but I’m aware of the
Light that peers behind the silver slivers
And the heart that thrums beating on the streets,
Singing openness and freedom, creativity and community.
You can belong if you’re hard enough,
We’ll mock you if you’re not soft enough.
Find the tension that is

All images taken by me. Do not copy, use without permission.