Lessons from a virtual panel on partnering to cover coronavirus at the 2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit

Graphic designed during the presentation in real-time by illustrator Derrick Dent.

From in-person to in-place. Last week the Center for Cooperative Media pulled off the improbable, taking online its 2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit. With an overflow audience of more than 750 virtual attendees, the collective enthusiasm for collaborative journalism (#collaborativej) radiated through the screen, that now more than ever, we’re all in this together.

One panel dealt in particular detail with coronavirus and journalism collaboration, or how once-competitive news organizations are learning to embrace cooperation in the face of unprecedented crisis. Among the presenters, Tina Griego of The Colorado Independent — which has itself recently rechartered within the Colorado News Collaborative

Evan Smith, CEO and co-founder of the Texas Tribune, gives the Morton L. Margolin 2020 Lecture at the University of Denver. Photo courtesy of the Colorado Sun.

Colorado has a complicated relationship with Texas. Something to do with skiing in jeans. Whatever our differences, Texans to this Coloradan possess a certain romantic quality. In particular, I’m taken by the way they talk. Not so much the twang, but the colloquial rhythm to their conversation. Like they have an old saying handy for every situation. Maybe I’ve read too much Larry McMurtry.

Last month, the Colorado Sun partnered with the University of Denver to present the Morton L. Margolin 2020 Lecture, given by Evan Smith, CEO and co-founder of the Texas Tribune — a non-profit, non-partisan media organization…

From our Brown Bag Webinar series on community news in Colorado and beyond

Chris Horne, founding publisher of The Devil Strip — a five-year-old, alt-weekly covering Akron, Ohio — joined the Colorado Media Project in December for the first installment in our Brown Bag Webinar series. CMP and The Devil Strip are two of the six US-based organizations participating in the Membership Puzzle Project’s 2019 global news membership cohort.

Chris participated in the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford.

On the call, Chris swapped tips on year-end fundraising with Colorado newsrooms, discussed his organization’s pioneering transition to a member-owned co-op, and reframed the conversation around how to “save local news.” …

Colorado’s FoodMaven carries forth celebrity cook’s Wasted crusade

Never order the fish on Monday (1). The bread is probably recycled (2). Don’t under any circumstance ask for your meat well done (3). Brunch sucks (4). These four are among the juiciest of the culinary secrets revealed by the late Anthony Bourdain in Kitchen Confidential, the breakthrough memoir that launched his globe-trotting stardom.

Despite risking excommunication on a charge of treason against his fraternity of food service professionals, Bourdain didn’t air their dirty French laundry to cash in on shock value or tawdry gossip. Sure, he was cynical. After all bone-in cynicism was a key ingredient to his bad…

Emperors of the Rocky Mountain Voice, Rising and Fallen

Denver would not exist without its newspaper. Not as we know it. Please allow me to explain. In 1858, gold was discovered on the Little Dry Creek tributary of the Platte River, about where there currently sits a Buffalo Wild Wings. Word spread to the thousands of old prospectors that joined the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, flooded into then western Kansas Territory beneath a “sea of white wagons,” and set a camp around present-day Denver.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t all that much gold to be panned. By the following spring 1859, most all of the speculators had picked up and left…

Surviving Feature Fatigue on the Martech Expanse

Denver’s hottest tech company is SendGrid. The rare software startup, from Colorado no less, to achieve a public market exit. This is a study on the origin of SendGrid.

A startup guy walks into Steve Jobs’s office. They exchange the briefest of pleasantries before Jobs floats an acquisition offer. The startup guy balks, says he wants to build a bigger company. Rebuked, Jobs starts in on a bit of “trolling.” What you have is “a feature, not a product,” he shades the startup guy. …

R2-D2 and the Force Ghosts of Xmas Past

Before I can play with it, the toy asks for my age. A bit rude, but okay. Sheepish, I enter “30.” Then it asks for my email. Nice try. Redeemed, I enter a dummy address. A toy wouldn’t ordinarily solicit personal information, but this is not an ordinary toy. It is a connected toy, programmed with authentic movements, functional LEDs and an integrated speaker that beeps and boops just like the real thing. It is R2-D2, and this is going to be the best, Christmas, ever.

Since I disclosed my age, I feel compelled to clarify that I purchased R2-D2…

Competing for the Future of Youth Sports Technology

TeamSnap is swapping the coach’s clipboard for a smartphone. The Boulder-based tech company has taken the market lead in team management software, an emerging category servicing the business of youth sports. Its desktop and mobile applications help coaches and parents communicate about their kids’ teams, easily sharing everything from schedules to payments to photos. It’s thought to be a multi-billion-dollar opportunity, being pursued by large conglomerates in media, retail and investment. …

Day 2 in Denver

Word is around Denver big changes are coming. You see the Amazon company is in the market for land, so as to make a second campus with. Between all the able-body workers, the mountain views, and the business climate, such as it is, here could be just where they’re looking for. Yes sir our days as a cow town could be numbered, folks are saying. Hard to figure where they’d settle though, what with the crowds we’ve got anyhow. But hell for haul like that, top brass at City Hall will no doubt clear a space…

Andrew Elliman


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