Tips to Produce Compatibility in Parenting and Blended Family

Gone are the times when life partners had to stay with each other unhappily. Divorce had been considered one of the taboo topics to talk about in the past. Now, the ratio of divorce is up and there are more blended families in which a step mother and step dad comes into play. Surely it can be challenging to produce compatibilities because children naturally like to see their biological parents living together no matter how bitter their relationship would be.

And when it comes to bringing your children under the influence of a step-parent, you can expect the initial friction from both sides. But it doesn’t remain there for long. Children can find a way to get adjusted and your partner can be a flexible person to accept your kids with open heart. Whatever the situation, your role remains to be the significant one.

With that said, there are a few things that you can consider to ensure the smooth transition and adjustment.

Individual relationship

While you would want your children to get adjusted with the entire step family almost instantly, it doesn’t happen for at least a few months. You will have to wait for the family members and the children to accept each other fully. In the meantime, you can work on developing the individual relationship. For instance, you can arrange the company of your children with their step-dad. This way, the father and the children will be able to understand get closer to each other with every passing day.

You can also ask your spouse to go pick the children from school or you can combine them with other during jogging. This way, they will be able to start talking to each other.

Supporting children during transition

Technically, children get two families to get adjusted into; one from their mom’s side and other from the dad’s. Hence, they would be moving to each of their parents with a gap of a week or month. If this transition is not the friendly one, the children would find it hard to cope with it; and hence they would not be happy in the end. Therefore, you need to anticipate the turn of your ex-spouse and be calm when your children are at the other end.


One great way to let the children get adjusted in the blended family is to roughhouse. You and your new partner can play an active role in this regard. As a matter of fact, you can step back a little after initiating the play and let your partner and the children to play with each other. That will definitely help you in making your children comfortable with the new family.

Also, you need to find the places where your children can laugh and move freely. That is the place where you and your partner can make collective efforts to make your children more relaxed and well-adjusted with the new family.