Ernest Dukes “Beyoncé’s Publicist Is Black” jacket breaks glass ceiling of Public Relations

Ernest Dukes (Instagram @erndukes)

If you’ve read the above headline and experienced some form of shock and awe, you shouldn’t have.

Beyoncé Knowles is arguably the greatest female entertainer of the 21st century, but fame has not kept her from showcasing black excellence in her artistry. Take for instance her 2016 Superbowl 50 half-time performance. She, along with her dancers donned all black and threw black power fists in the sky, which resembles the Black Panther Party of the 60’s and 70’s. Her performance at this year’s Coachella (aptly renamed BeyChella) event was pure HBCU vibes as she displayed Greek Life culture, featured big brass bands and performed a memorable Swag Surf for the ages. The recent news of her having a black publicist only furthers the narrative that she’s a black woman who cares about her culture.

Beyoncé’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure

Entertainment Publicist Ernest Dukes is the man who’s responsible for putting the social media world on notice about Beyoncé’s publicist being a black woman (Yvette Noel-Schure.) He rocked a blue jacket in September of 2018 on Instagram which reads, “Beyoncé’s Publicist Is Black” on the back of it while in-route to a Beyonce-Jay-Z On The Run II Tour stop. As an extremely successful publicist who’s the go-to person for Nick Cannon, Tami Roman, Tiny Harris, Fashion Nova, and so many others, he understands the intentional act of sporting such a message-driven piece of clothing.

Ernest Dukes wearing the message-driven jacket on Instagram (@erndukes)

“I was once told by an agent “off the record” that he was pushing for me to work with one of his clients but ultimately his client felt like they would get bigger and better opportunities if they hired someone white,” said Dukes on Instagram. “ She just feels like it’ll elevate her brand and help her crossover. Nothing personal, she really liked you.” Ernest then directly told his followers to remember that the biggest female artist in the world’s publicist is black and to continue striving for greatness. The post has since received thousands of likes and comments, many which have come from PR professionals of young and experienced in nature.

Ernest Dukes (Instagram @erndukes)

It’s commonplace for people of stature to typically hire white professionals to handle their broad affairs because of this narrative that black professionals can’t handle such tasks. It’s also a topic that’s even made to be humorous as well in the black community (Ex: “I’m going to hire a white accountant, so my money can be straight because Tyrone will rob me of every dime.) This type of thinking has no place in the world where millennials are cracking the very core that holds outdated thinking, behaviors, and systems intact. A black man or woman is just as (or even more) capable and qualified to handle any position in any sector of business as any other race. Ernest proves that every-day with his work-ethic and experienced professionalism in the entertainment industry. So, before you assume a white person is the automatic hire for a specific role, just remember that Beyoncé’s Publicist Is Black, and has been since the beginning of her career.