Did we ever really flirt?

So I know we live in the age of Tinder now, and we’re all just swiping right and left, but sitting in a coffee shop this morning I watched this encounter. A guy was sitting at the counter. He was reading something on his phone. An attractive woman came and sat a stool away. He gave her a long, definitely attracted to her glance. He returned to his reading. She gave him a series of three or four looks, the kind women give when they don’t want to get caught checking a guy out. She got her coffee. She left. They never spoke.

Let me insert some massive assumptions, neither of them were wearing wedding rings, they both could be in committed relationships, either or both could be gay, there are a million reasons why these two humans didn’t choose to speak to each other.

Yet I couldn’t help but imagine him jumping into a conversation with her. Her batting away his flirtation at first, then maybe, just maybe giving him her number.

It feels like that is utterly impossible today. More likely, two attractive single people will be too busy swiping left and right to talk to the stranger (!) across from them. But then….

Did that ever really happen?

Or is the idea of the random lets-strike-up-a-conversation moment a Hollywood cliche? Did we ever really flirt?