Likewise, Elliot!
Jessica Guzik

I see some of this happening. I think the popularity of yoga and soul cycle are definitely steps in that direction. I actually think smart watches are largely a step in the right direction, once they get set up as a sort of screening device.

A little anecdote.

I was in an old school Italian deli a few weeks ago. I had ordered a massive amount of food for me and extended family and I was waiting for the guys to pull it all together.

As I waited, I pulled out my pocket notebook and started to jot down a scene from a story. My head was down as I scribbled furiously. Beneath the book on the linoleum floor a pair of flip-flop clad feet appeared. A woman in her mid forties (quite married) asked me, “what are you writing?” I told her some notes for a story I’m working on. She smiled an in a classic jersey accent said, “Oh! That’s cool! No one writes on paper anymore!”

That was the entire interaction, but I think it points to what you’re saying. That maybe there’s space, if we open up a little.

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