Just Writing, Elliot
joanna elm

joanna, thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful note. First of all, I bow to your actual writing experience. All I’ve ever done is write for the web, and not all that successfully.

As I mentioned in the original piece, responding is definitely part of the deal. Medium is part publishing platform and partly social network. Writing in a silo doesn’t necessarily bring a lot of readers.

Depending on who you ask either Lon Shapiro or Jules came up with the term “Coat Tail Star Fucking” to describe the phenomenon of drafting on popular medium writers for more traffic. This seems like a perfectly reasonable practice to me, because another way of describing it is engaging in the network and finding readers and writers you like.

More than others on this site, you understand the joy of writing. The agony of working with words and honing them to perfection. I’ve worked on Tapestry for months and it’s only this latest piece that got featured by medium editors and has garnered recognition.

Months is nothing compared to the years I imagine it took you to find an agent and get published.

Hang in there, I’ll be looking for your work.

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