Hi, I’m a woman and I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the headphone piece.
Caitlyn, of the North.

So Caitlyn, I wasn’t going to respond, but you took a couple of shots, so here goes.

I think part of the issue here is local culture. I live in NY and always have. Every woman I’ve ever known is basically sick of random dudes trying to talk to her after the age of 19. Here in NY and I’m willing to venture in many big cities there is no shortage of dudes vying for every attractive female’s attention. It’s constant.

The second thing is social cues. I’m not saying never approach women. I’m saying, if a woman is reading a book, listening to music, studying or otherwise occupied she’s sending the social signal that she doesn’t want anyone to bother her. If she’s at a bar or a club, or some other place where she’s cued that conversation is welcome, then by all means, go for it.

But, But, But It Always Works on Sitcoms.

Right because in sitcoms and romantic comedies everyone is gorgeous and charming. So when they approach you, you’re just thrilled. But most of the time, the guy rolling up to you while you’re listening to Bob Marley isn’t one of those dudes.

Sorry you didn’t like my take, I’ve just known way too many women (my three younger sisters included) who’ve been harassed way too often by guys “making fools of themselves.”

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