The Last Auto Mechanic
Tom Price

What’s fascinating about the responses to this piece is that they are almost entirely cultural, and that might be the biggest hurdle to EVs.

I think AEV / ICE divide won’t happen quite as quickly as you’re predicting only because of cultural biases. I can easily imagine coastal areas and cities (blue states) largely ditching ICE vehicles and car ownership because owning a car in those areas is expensive and mostly a pain in the ass. If I could get in a self driving pod and work while I was driven to work I would right now. But in much of the country driving is still fun and a part of life, and I don’t think it will go away as quickly as you think.

I remember 15 years ago when everyone predicted the end of the office. Why would we need an office, when knowledge workers could do everything remotely? Culture trumps all and while I do think the move to autonomous electric vehicles is probably inevitable, I’m not sure on the timeline.

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