Burgers and Muscles

So often we are asked, “Do we eat to live or live to eat?” For many food enthusiasts, the latter holds true.

Heres another food for thought, “Do we exercise to eat more or do we eat so that we can exercise?” I was posed that question yesterday by a colleague as I sat down beside her with my box of barbeque pork noodles after my usual gym session.

I exercise 5 days a week. Sometimes 6 if I find myself more motivated than usual (unfortunately it doesn’t happen to often). For a both a food enthusiast and a fitness fan, I thought I would be playing tug of war in my head. But the answer was almost instinctive as hows the weather in Singapore (very warm and humid by the way). I exercise to eat. I exercise so that I wouldn’t feel guilty smashing some greasy hawker food and perhaps a Friday night beer. I exercise so that I can lose a hundred calories before I put in thousands more.

I am a huge fan of burgers. Simple patty, fake american cheese and special sauce smack right in between 2 pan grilled potato buns. And yes, the tomatoes and lettuce. Give me that after a gym session and I am a happy man. So yes I exercise so that I can gobble down a good’o cheeseburger.

But the other kryptonite I have. SNACKS!! And yes, there’s a long list of snacks that I cannot resist. And the top of the list definitely goes to nuts. 500g of roasted almonds in one seating. No problems. Suffer a sore throat later.

The point is, none of these items are healthy. None of them actually shouts muscles. But yet they do belong so well together. Talk about an unusual marriage. Who would have thought it would have lasted this long.

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