The Main Ingredient For Success Part I

Sleep. I could leave it at that but I know I will not have left enough information for intelligent debate. Sleep is one of those so common yet mysterious. Well know to us all but understood by few. The one thing many of us do know about sleep is that so many of us don’t get enough of it.

Sleep is seldom mentioned with its partners in fitness and health, nutrition and exercise. Probably because there isn’t a billion dollars to be made off of the marketing and selling of sleep would explain why it doesn’t get the respect it should. Nothing about us functions properly if we are sleep deprived. Can you remember how you felt the last time you didn’t get enough sleep? Lack of sleep has been directly linked to a host of health problems ranging from increased cardio vascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and increased cancer rates. The process of recuperation and recovery are well know benefits of sleep. Although the brain is at work even while we sleep, the parts of the brain responsible for rational decisions needs sleep, particularly deep sleep, to reset and operate optimally. From violent parasominas to conscious road ragers, if we are too tired all of our triggers of dysfunction are much more sensitive and our rational decision making brain is no match for the emotional one.

Getting a good nights sleep or napping throughout the day will provide the foundation for all things productive we want to achieve. Our manner in which we think, decide, and behave will be improved. So put out the artificial lights when the sun sets and let the natural production of melatonin take over and put you into that just came from a spa mood and get a good nights rest and so you can be fresh to tackle your goals the next day.

To be continued…