The Rebel: Prophets of Hate

An Open Reply to The Rebel’s Attack on A Strong Canada

In the rapidly devolving world of paid political punditry, The Rebel, Canada’s most radioactive and racist vloggers, have decided to lash out at a group of independent grassroots activists who have been working on the frontlines of advocating for a less toxic and more productive political discourse. A Strong Canada is a group of friends from Toronto sick of the constant left-right tribal bickering and committed to supporting candidates, from any party, who choose to rise above the fray and fight for practical solutions to our most pressing challenges.

As an early supporter of theirs, I’ve had the chance to meet and get to know Aaron, Nick, and Kasey as they have worked to increase millennial engagement with the political process (in every party) at the Leadership selection and EDA level. As for labeling our movement based on political affiliation, no thanks. We vote based on our principles, not party lines. And we value good policy, not party loyalty.

Hunting for what exactly?

For all those on the right complaining lately about “how toxic identity politics have become”, why not take a moment to reflect on the current political sphere?

A Strong Canada has been actively lobbying against The Rebel for over a year. We’ve met with current and former Conservative MPs, Senators, Conservative Party insiders, CPC donors, members of the press, and political organizers on all sides of the spectrum. The consensus has been clear:

The Rebel’s correspondents are profiteers of hate, exploiting people’s economic hardship to spread a racist and xenophobic worldview.

KKK Imperial Wizard David Duke retweeting Conservative Media Personality Faith Goldy

A Strong Canada’s supporters are citizens who are sick of the type of politics that The Rebel perpetuates. We believe every party has a role to play in representing the interests of Canadians as our government works to navigate a rapidly changing economy moving through the complex challenges of late-stage capitalism.

The Rebel’s attack on A Strong Canada includes a number of assertions that would be slanderous if they weren’t so flattering. For example, Wilson’s suggestion that ASC is a foreign-funded effort is incorrect but it’s deeply gratifying to know that we’ve had a big enough impact that they think we have funding. In reality, spreading a message isn’t expensive when it’s an idea people believe in.

The hypocrisy of The Rebel’s professional political pundits, whose funding comes largely from donors and subscribers outside of Canada, attacking grassroots out-of-pocket millennial activists for being foreign funded is so brazen, we wonder if it’s a deliberate attempt to obfuscate their own illegal behaviour by projecting it onto us.

Listen to these secret recordings of Ezra Levant offering hush money to hide illegal foreign funding.

As more eyes turn to The Rebel’s shady dealings, a clear picture is emerging of secret foreign-funding from US-based Right-Wing organizations being spent supporting the Conservative Party and advocating for white supremacy. Hmm, interesting.

We need YOU to stand against racism and xenophobia in Canada.

1) Join the Unity Rally To End White Supremacy in Toronto on September 14. And follow the work of the Coalition Against White Supremacy and Islamophobia (CAWSI).

2) Share this article with #ProphetsofHate and tell Elections Canada to investigate The Rebel’s foreign-funded, partisan propaganda that spreads lies and incendiary false narratives as clickbait in a hateful for-profit operation. Click Here to file a complaint with Elections Canada.