Day 23 of My Pivot Back to Myself

In which I return to my love of words and song.

I’ve decided that writing for the ambitious is not for me. I honestly don’t have any more ambition in my body than to get just enough to be happy. And if that’s the case, I’ll spend my time doing what I really love.

TikTok and the Timely Discovery

I’m happy to say that I’ve found myself again. TikTok gave me the courage to pursue what I’ve always wanted. And so, here I am, at 49 years of age, going for broke.

I started a TikTok and it is dedicated to spending the next year becoming a full time performing songwriter. Take that Upwork!

I’ve decided to start writing about it here and on Substack.

You can follow me @elliotwrites71 on TikTok.

Hope to see you there! Peace!