I’ve always struggled with finding the happy medium between attempting too much at once, and laziness. I think this is a pretty regular problem for a lot of people. I tend to gravitate towards being too aspirational, and struggle big-time on the follow through. ‘This’ will be (at least for now) a daily update on how I experience changes (if any) physically, emotionally, and spiritually, based on four goals I’m setting for my self over the next 30 days:

  1. Intentionally going out of my way each day to try and make someone’s day better (purposely leaving it ambiguous).
  2. Drinking >3 cups of water and cutting out all other liquids
  3. Reading scipture(s) for >15 minutes
  4. Not having my phone anywhere near me when I’m asleep or while I’m falling asleep.

Pretty simple. Sortof.
The reason I’m doing this all online in a public setting is for three reasons:

  1. To hold myself accountable (more eyes = more accountability)
  2. To keep a journal/record of my experiences/doings
  3. To get out of the way I normally think about things.

The goal is to report back at the end of each day.

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