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I’ve been a student actor for five of my six semesters in college. My college’s theater program put on The Laramie Project this semester. Often with school theater we talk about transformation, life-altering experiences when doing our shows, and also the bonding process that takes place between members of these productions. Nothing compares to what happened this semester. This shit was crazy. I won’t go on a tangent about it, but in summation, The Laramie Project is a show that calls on its actors to be activists, social thinkers, and vulnerable human beings. It is incredibly difficult, and I can’t imagine how hard it was for some of my castmates to have done it in what was their first play ever. But at the end, we pulled through and put on an amazing show. I can’t say enough about it.


Here are some fitpics that one of my castmates and best homies took of me. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever taken so many pictures of my outfits so often. You get over the feeling of pretentiousness after a while.


* this nautica hat i got from amazon:…/…/ref=sr_1_sc_1…

I love dad hats and how they look, but so many of them are too small for my big head and bigger head of hair. My Rise Los Angeles Blond cap suffers the most from this. But the #Nautica hat is pretty sizeable, and gives me the least amount of headache aside from a US Polo Assassin (I swear it’s Assassin) cap I got from Century 21. Also, it’s black, and the design is white and simple.

* the denim jacket

Not A Denim Jacket, but The Denim Jacket, bc I wear that thing way too fuckin’ much. It’s my dad’s in theory and mine in practice. It’s just gorgeous to me. It gets nice and bright when the sun hits, and it’s a dark sea shade when the lights are out. It’s the jacket equivalent of that one girl who you could’ve swore was blonde until winter comes, and could’ve swore was brunette until May.

* the damn daniels

FBI keep bringing them all white #Vans through

* black #Rothco tactical pants

I love these pants. I don’t care how dusty they get. They’re so baggy and have so many pockets, and I think I care about having pockets more than I care about fashion, or life itself. They’re very cheap. These are also known as the Avery Ginsbergs. Cop here:

* pink #Gildan hoodie

it’s my signatureeeeee

THIS is my take on the Instagram uniform. Denim jacket (THE), white t-shirt (untucked, ungodly), black H&M skinnies (they were slim fit until I washed them) and those white Vans. I posted this fit on the site already, so I gave you a goofy angle of it. This is the cleanest of looks. Colors work really well. Can be pretty boring or pretty exciting depending on what room you’re in.

Idk. I took some risks. I was like, I’m gonna wear my pink hoodie, and then I’m gonna put blues around it. That’s my favorite flannel, this gorgeous blue thing I got from a Salvation Army for like 5 bucks. And I Kanye’d my cargos into black dress socks, because when you’re on campus stumbling through lines and getting home at 1 AM every night, why care? Why care about looking like a lunatic? I like this outfit and I don’t care. I like that I still find usage out of these beat up Jordan brand (not Jordans, Jordan brand) white and blue kicks I got when I was 16 at a Century 21. And I like the colors.

The Avery Ginsberg gold hoodie, the denim jacket, the Avery Ginsberg pants, and some old shoes that I wore through thick and thin, rain sleet or snow, on and off stage, to the point where now I think I have to retire them for good, they’re traumatized, they’ve been seeing a therapist, but they’ll pull through, those beautiful uninteresting college kid essentials.

“Nicole, take a picture of me pls. Yes, I know it’s dark. Just put the flash on and hope for God’s grace.”

Working with some denim on denim here, and also that pink hoodie that people keep recognizing me for. For some reason, that pink Gildan hoodie holds up better than other colors. Darker colors start to feel all worn and sucked dry, almost like wearing paper, but this pink hoodie is still fluffy. And it doesn’t smell like ass, so that’s good too.

Please stay tuned for more blog posts, more fits on and a YouTube video of me doing absolutely nothing. Thank you for reading.