An emotionally intelligent CEO

How would your current and former employees rate your firm if they could do it anonymously? And how would you react to negative reviews? Defensively? Argumentatively? Read about it in my new article in Advisor Perspectives.

One thing sorely lacking in otherwise successful founder-owners of advisory firms is leadership skills. To paraphrase Michael Gerber, the author of the E-Myth series, advisors are naturally technicians, not executives. Sadly, few founder-owners make a successful transition to the executive leadership role, which is why most advisory firms plateau.

My recent trip to an online job search site,, validated my conviction about how critically important a strong, “emotionally intelligent” leader is to a healthy organization.

I got acquainted with through my son, a recent college graduate who was in the market for his first “real job.” It’s a job search site with useful information like company reviews and salaries. You can look for open positions at top employers around town like any other job search site, but it’s the “rate-your-employer” feature that sets it apart from other job sites. Quite similar to Yelp, current and former employees provide first-hand accounts of their experiences, good and bad, and rate their employers on a scale of 1 to 5.

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