Pokemon Co. handing out review copies of Pokemon Sun & Moon despite leaks

This article is spoiler-free.

From October 2016 onwards, 4chan users dropped a Pokemon Sun & Moon leak bomb, revealing pretty much everything there is to know about the games; one user even went so far as to leak a playable copy of the game. Nintendo was swift to take down gameplay videos of these leaks, however new ones have kept popping up. I, personally, have not read these leaks, as I want a blind playthrough of the game.

The story has finally come full circle (if you can call it that) today, with Nintendo releasing review copies of the game despite leaks. Even Joshua Wittenkeller, who doesn’t normally review games, got one, and after IGN reporter Kallie Plagge got her hands on a review copy she was swift in writing her review; with the positive reception she gave the game it’s obvious that the game met all of our expectations, and other reviewers are just as impressed. Welcome to heaven in the form of a video game. Enjoy your stay.

Not to advertise, but this article was created for a Flipboard magazine I run about Nintendo. I’m not a professional writer or reporter, and I don’t want to be; I’m just in it for fun.
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