…and avoid hellish jobs

Learn to love the green field (Wikimedia)

At some point in my mid-pandemic job search, something clicked for me. I had escaped a terrible, toxic, suffocating work environment and wanted to make sure I never entered one like it again. Convention would be to ask direct questions, such as:

  • What is the management approach?

You get the idea. The problem with questions like this is how easy it is to weasel out of revealing huge problems. …

It’s not just Syd Barrett

“Wish You Were Here” album cover

Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” is a legendary song. It’s also deeper than most people think. The song inspires a sense of longing for someone, be they dead or far away. But there’s a piece that tugs on us even if we don’t have someone that we miss. Let’s dig into what makes this song legendary.

This is just my opinion. You’re free to interpret the song your own way.

First: Syd Barrett

Elliott Gregory Dehnbostel

aka Software Engineer, here is where I write for people

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