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I completely agree, but this is part of the challenge of this election. In past cycles, we just haven’t had scandals like this that candidates have ridden through. It ought to be talked about, because doing so is part of the assessment of the Republican candidate’s personal history and character, which is highly relevant to determining his fitness (or lack thereof) for office. For the same reason, I have no problem when issues like Hillary’s emails or her role in the aftermath of Bill’s affairs are raised. One can debate what her true role was in those situations, but regardless, whatever the response is speaks to her character, for good or ill.

The difficulty in facilitating conversation on these matters of personal character is, of course, that maintaining a private email server does not seem equivalent to openly bragging about making unsolicited sexual advances on women of all stripes- married, single, etc. No one has yet determined how to discuss his (and her) behavior without making it appear that this is just one of several “controversies” present in this topsy turvy campaign. I for one miss the good ol’ days of controversies like, “corporations are people, too” and “you didn’t build that.” At least those “controversies” (to use the accepted term) were still issue oriented.

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