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This article presupposes that the casual observer of Fallon’s show is either 1) a reliable voter with no prior opinion on either of the presidential candidates yet, and is persuaded to vote for Trump because he doesn’t seem that awful during this ten minute segment, or 2) is person planning to vote for Hillary but changes their mind because Trump seems like a relatively normal human for ten minutes on Fallon, or 3) is so uneducated about public policy that they will take nothing else into consideration in this election besides “that time Trump seemed not terrible on Fallon back in mid-September.” I’m not a Trump fan and have plenty to say about the harm he is capable of inflicting on the country, but it seems wrong to point fingers at an entertainer like Jimmy Fallon for doing his job (bringing in interesting guests and doing or discussing memorable things with them) and in the process, getting ratings for his network.

I’m not ready to let the American public off the hook that easily- shouldn’t we hold individuals to a higher standard than, “[Comedian] Fallon didn’t actively try to shape a negative perception of Trump on his show, or grill him about his inane policy proposals, so now he seems normal and people will use that impression to justify voting for him”? Again, Trump is incredibly distasteful and in my estimation, would do active harm to the country if elected, but Jimmy Fallon’s show seems like the wrong place to make one’s stand about journalistic integrity. Jimmy Fallon isn’t a journalist, and the people watching his show aren’t tuning in for incisive political analysis. I understand the assertion in the article about normalizing Trump, but it rings hollow for me.