A Day’s Meal Plan/The Best Meal

(Mainly Food)

Since the first day I’ve been trying out all kinds of different foods at different places, sadly I usually eat it all before I remember I’m supposed to be taking pictures of food not empty plates and bowls. But I have managed to restrain myself enough to take a few pictures.

I visted a restaurant out by walmart and had this for dinner. It was made out of rice, shrimp, steak, chicken, and enough cheese to make even me satisfied. It was the last meal I had with my family before they left. (They had me take the bus back)

Old habits have me enjoying a bowl of frosted flake almost every morning I have the time to sit down and enjoy it.

If I can’t start my day with my frosted flakes then I stop by at the student union for a breakfast burrito.

In between meals but mainly when I’m watching netflix I’ve gotten myself a sweet tooth thats only satisfied with popcorn and all the different stuff I can throw on it. The bowl kind of i the picture was full a second ago I swear I have no idea what happened. But excuse me has I try to remove the evidence from my fingers.

If I’m feeling lazy then I end the day with these two. They are indeed snack-size but that just makes it easier to choose which flavor I’ll eat. Both. And thats what I eat for dinner if I’m not eating sushi. I would have taken a picture of that too if I could ever rember to take a picture before it’s all gone, but in my defense they are to good to do anything other than eat them.

The only offical dessert I’ve had this whole semester was this lovely little thing that made me feel fat as a whale but was so good I couldn’t bring myself to care. It’s a homemade pumpkin cake topped with about five scoops of ice cream then all of the ice cream was covered in whip cream then I threw sprinkles over the whole thing. And if you can look above this wondrous piece of art you can see I had it with a side of little balls of chocolate and sprinkles, with one on top of this glorious diabetes inducing dessert.

And that was pretty much a day of the different foods I eat. But nothing tasted as good as the night I had the dessert. Not because I went overboard, but because I got to do that thing I miss more than anything else. The thing that almost had me feeling homesick.

I got to eat with family again.(Sorry this is the only photo I could use, they started doing some stuff after this picture that was rather inappropriate)(It was taken right before we had dessert so I wasn’t feeling sick yet)