No, I Won’t Be Just Fine
Mateja Klaric

If you’re doing freelance writing for a living, I suggest looking into copywriting jobs. I’m probably being a dick by suggesting something because I’m sure you’ve already tried this, it’s just something that worked for me. I went to grad school for writing, but freelancing a lot of kinds of writing didn’t make enough to live on even if I crashed somewhere for free. I started doing copywriting — things like ad copy, product descriptions, corporate blogs, instruction manuals, even press releases and flyers. After doing that for about 18 bucks an hour I eventually had enough work samples to leverage a steady income at a company as a full time corporate writer/copywriter/proofreader at a significantly higher pay rate. No offense and don’t take this as callous toward your situation, I just thought offering my experience might be of a little help.

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