Dear Everyone Who’s Hurting: Please Stop Shutting Down People Who Are Trying To Help
Cianna P. Stewart

Thank you so much for saying this. When I tried to learn more about feminism, a feminist on Medium shut me down, saying I didn’t have the right to care about her issues if I was a man. When I tried to learn more about trans issues, a trans woman on Medium trolled me for days saying only she was the authority on trans issues and anyone else didn’t deserve to help or ally themselves (including other trans people, because apparently she was the only one). When I wanted to stand up to the politics created by Donald Trump (whom I voted against), I was scolded time and time again that anything short of standing in front of a firing squad was simply selfish and unnecessary. Needless to say, the writers on this forum are great at stopping people from helping their cause. I’m glad to see at least one person not trying to make enemies out of the allies. Half the country wanted Trump. Do we really need to alienate and scold even the people that were part of the half against him? It seems like marginalized groups are dead set on fighting alone because the rest of us don’t deserve a voice. Because to some people, getting as few people to help as possible is somehow the smart choice.

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