A Ten-Minute Habit To Take Back Control And Change Your Life
Tim Denning

To be honest, I’ve never been much for birthdays either. It just seems like any other day, though to your point, I do have a problem valuing myself. Maybe if I had more confidence I’d feel more like I “deserve” a birthday, but where I’m at in my life right now I just don’t feel I merit all that attention.

I did start doing something small for my birthday, like a dinner with family. I eventually realized birthdays aren’t just for you, they’re for the people you love. My family is also happy I was born and being with them on that day is for them more than me. Sometimes making someone else happy is an early step toward making yourself happy. Seeing outside yourself alone is a great reason to celebrate.

Also I’m turning 30 this year and am not thrilled about it. But I’m going to eat a bunch of carbs or something to celebrate!