On white feelings, jokes, and when white people just don’t get it (which is too often)
Ruchika G

Top notch hate speech. I wouldn’t want you in my life either. The blatant racism and hypocrisy would be too emotionally taxing. Though, and I’m sure you are incapable of believing it, it wouldn’t be about race (some things actually aren’t). It would be because you’re hateful, bitter, hypocritical, and just plane mean.

Glad you cleared up how every member of the White race and Black race actively think, feel, and act. I knew I wasn’t an individual, I just needed someone blind and self-rightous to explain it to me. Sorry again. I’ll work on changing my skin pigment so I can be allowed to exist in your world.

PS- Do you ever stop and realize how much you legitimately and genuinely hurt people’s feelings when you spew self-righteous judgements and blatant bigotry and racism that you are somehow blind to because you’ve rationalized your excuses? I notice when White racists use the n-word or show their privilege, or say something disgustingly hateful and insensitive, they often are genuinely unaware at how deeply they hurt someone. Does it work that way for you too? Or is that another rule that doesn’t apply to you?

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