Dear Mark Ruffalo: Casting trans actors
Lola Phoenix

Why are you so nasty to people that were good enough to read and engage with your article. So many of your comments are ultra-superior to the point of being snarky, sarcastic (which is just childish it’s so stupid), and generally arrogant. Why are you so afraid of people that have a different perspective or opinion than you? Or is this seriously how you talk to people in real life, which I’m guessing would mean you’re really insufferable. If you’re going to write a public article, learn some social skills and how to accept debate. I mean damn, I don’t even disagree with you, but if I did I probably wouldn’t say anything because you close yourself to real debate as any kind of debate challenges your assumption that you are the absolute authority on the topic and anyone else is just dumber than you. Whatever, I’ll await your snarky, angry, sarcastic response. Just know how much you devalue your own work with childish responses to debate.

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