Alt-Right Accuses Drake of Appropriating “White People Dancing”

Looks like Someone’s Not Feeling that “Hotline Bling”

Yakima, Wa — With White nationalism on the rise both in the United States and abroad. And with Nigel Farage, mastermind of Brexit which has been called “White Flight from the European Union”. While also being emboldened by Donald Trump’s campaign and the elevation of Stephen Bannon to Trump’s campaign chairman, the alt-right is striking out against what they term “the misappropriation of white culture.”

At the heart of the controversy is Drake’s hit single from last year “Hotline Bling” with the alt-right stating Drake has “grossly misused the awkward gyrations and off-rhythm movements of people with European heritage for profit.” Furthermore they claim that the Canadian rapper has betrayed the spirit of white people dance claiming, “He doesn’t even have the requisite embarrassment that’s inherent to that sort of dancing.”

Spokesman and noted troll Brian Asher said, “It’s just a damn shame to see him in his music videos, I mean, “ Asher paused and chose his next words carefully, “to see someone dance the dance of your people better than you can, that’s just insult to injury.”

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