Happily Married Man Oblivious to Miserable Wife

Wedgwood, Wa — Earlier in the day local accountant Erick James told mailroom clerk Jeremy Ward that marriage was “the best thing he’s ever done” and told the young man, “to marriage up” while warning him, “it’s not easy, you have to give one hundred percent and she has to give one hundred percent”. Upon arriving home, the smell of vegan pot pie filling the air, James walked through the door which had an unobstructed view of the kitchen where his wife, Renee James, was having a difficult time opening the fridge door while holding onto the unused vegetables. At this point Mr. James walked towards the kitchen, knelt down, and rubbed the belly of his seven year-old Taiwanese Tugo named Raja. “Who’s a good girl?” Mr. James could be overheard saying. “Who wants her belly rubbed?” While Mr. James was scratching behind the ears of Raja, he looked up to his wife and said, “Do you see how much she loves this?” Mrs. James, who at this time had just finished putting everything in the refrigerator looked over to her husband and dog only to notice both were gone. “Me and Raja are going for a walk,” Mr. James said as he closed the front door.

Alone with her thoughts and the vegan pot pie Mrs. James said to herself, “Happy anniversary.”

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