Trump Reveals New Campaign Slogan “Orange is the New Black”

The Trump campaign has made a bold new play for the millennials with their new campaign slogan.

MiraLago, Fl — After enduring a month of slumping poll numbers including a report showing Mr. Trump losing under 35 voters by a 56–20 margin to Ms. Clinton, the campaign has decided to take their messaging in a bold new direction. “We need to put this election in terms young people understand,” Steve Bannon, Trump’s new campaign manager said, “on Twitter we saw a lot of young people talking about ‘Netflix and chill’ so we naturally asked ourselves, what’s the most popular Netflix show?”

The new slogan “Orange is the New Black” is a departure from the, at this point iconic “Make America Great Again” but Mr. Trump’s campaign believes their new slogan will capture the attention of the fickle millennial generation. However, not all members of the campaign are on board with the new slogan. Johan Killian, media director, admitted, “While I agree that we need to focus on under 35s, I think there’s another show that better fits this campaign.” Morgan Magnus agreed with her colleague, “I liked another slogan we were testing, ‘Stranger Things: Trump 2016’.”

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