Stop messaging the same BullShit

How to be clever with Text Replacment

Most people, will have an iPhone. And everyone will message other people, either through text messages, Facebook, or other messaging apps. I’m even talking to those few people who use Kik, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So messaging is a key part of our day and interactions, 18 year olds will send on average 67 messages a day (Experian) , it is nothing new to us. But I, an 18 year old, believe that people are not smart enough when typing. Teenagers have made sure that messaging is more and more efficient by shortening everything.

We also constantly use acronyms for common phrases such as ‘how are you’ (hru) and ‘got to go’ (gtg). But we don’t use them for other phrases that we use. But why not?

This is where iPhone’s ‘Text Replacement’ feature will become your new most addictive feature. This feature isn’t anything new, but instead of just using it with common phrases we should personalize the f$%@ out of this use!

Below you can see how easy it is to make a text replacement. It takes no time and it will save you hours when messaging! OK, maybe not hours but it will make life easier.

Yes, you could chuck in the common phrases such as ‘how are you’ in there so when you type ‘hru’ it will auto-correct to ‘how are you’ but you should realize; these auto-corrections that you are making are just for your phone, so do whatever you want.

I realized I was using some phrases very often and I thought that instead of wasting time typing the same thing in I should just make a nice little shortcut. For example, I have been a fan of the YouTube Channel ‘Good Mythical Morning’ for a while and for the fans it is just called ‘GMM’ but not everyone I mentioned this show to was as crazy about it as I was. So instead of typing 18 characters I made a text replacement that turned ‘gmm’ into ‘Good Mythical Morning’. This might not save ages, but it makes life easier for a fellow lazy message addict.

Text Replacement on iPhone

Then I got very creative and experimental with it. I started creating text replacements for everything. And I mean, everything. I still use these today and here are my favorite 5:

My top 5 Text Replacements :

  1. When I type ‘Richard Branson’ it auto corrected to ‘Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin’ so I wouldn’t have to explain to people who he is every time.
  2. When I type ‘gmail’ it auto corrected to my personal email address so whenever I was asked, often on websites and not by friends, then I just typed ‘gmail’ and it changed it for me.
  3. When I type the first 4 digits to my number then it would change it to my full number. So I never had to type the whole thing. Only really useful on messaging apps, obviously not when texting.
  4. When I type ‘adlad’ it would change to ‘’ which is my advertising agency which I have started. That way I only had to type 5 letters instead of a whole URL. I also did this with some other frequently mentioned websites.
  5. And my favorite; when I typed ‘Gtg’ it changed to ‘Sorry, I can’t talk right now. Talk later, bye! :)’. This way I would never leave a conversation rudely even when I quickly had to go.

Hopefully you have realized how useful this feature is, and hopefully you will try to take advantage of it and make your textual life as easy as it deserves to be.

Comment below any clever text replacement ideas that you have thought of, that can make our texting more efficient.

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