“When in Doubt, keep creating” — Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy’s Motto

Sara Dietschy is a Youtuber who makes daily vlogs and has 2 series, ‘That Creative Life’ and ‘Creative Spaces TV’. All her content is made to a great quality and she just, keeps, creating!

She has said a few times that “when in doubt, keep creating” or similar phrases. I absolutely love this expression and wrote it down on a post it note and I keep it next to my monitor so I always remind myself to keep creating.

Like a lot of 18 year olds who watch Gary Vee, Casey Neistat and so forth, I have been brainwashed with “hustling”. I think that hustling can get a little overwhelming but Sara Dietschy put it in a better and less intense way, “when in doubt, keep creating.”

So I’m going to try the Sara Dietschy challenge: Create something everyday. Sara creates vlogs every day and other content, I would love to try this but I am studying at University and creating my own business on the side. I do not think creating a video for my Youtube Channel everyday would be realistic but I will try and create something everyday. If that is just having a nice portrait session for my Instagram, writing a script for a Youtube video, writing a Medium article, creating a logo design for a personal project or if it is for client. #hireme (www.adelaideadvertising.com)

It can get overwhelming at times with the workload and trying to keep everything you do up to a standard. But what ever I am thinking about I should make sure that ‘when in doubt, I keep creating.’

Make sure you like this article and help me out a bit. Below is a dumb video I made where I expose Casey Neistat’s name and the secret meaning within it.


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