ELLIPAL Hardware wallet now supports DASH

“Dash is digital cash — A revolutionary digital money system”

The ELLIPAL hardware wallet App just got its v.1.5.5 update last week. With continued support and downloads for the App, ELLIPAL team will continue to improve the App as well as the hardware wallet to further meet our community’s demand.

V. 1.5.5 Update Includes:

- Added a function of covering lost existing accounts by importing mnemonics or private keys.

- Help center added

- Cold wallet account: Optimized QR scan interface and account name synchronization interface

- Optimized message center language interface

- Bug fixes

But the most important part of this update is the support of DASH — Digital Cash.

Dash is a cryptocurrency created with the purpose of being digital money. It advocates itself as a peer to peer decentralized electronic cash that intends to be as liquid as real cash. This is possible thanks to Dash’s transaction speed which can occur in about 1 second or less. This makes buying a cup of coffee or buying a can of soda from the vending machine possible. Dash also allows users to make transaction privately by mixing many transactions together making it difficult to track. In addition, Dash has negligible transaction fee compared to Bitcoin.

While these features that support it into being digital money is not present in Bitcoin, Dash is originally built upon Bitcoin’s core code. It is, like Bitcoin, open source, has its own blockchain, wallet infrastructure and community.

With growing need for efficient and truly usable decentralized electronic cash, Dash is becoming increasingly influential in countries like Venezuela where inflation caused their fiat currency to become useless. This is definitely a great test but a big step forward for cryptocurrency.

To reach its goal, Dash has developed the first ever decentralized API. This allows users and merchants to not directly run or implement the Dash network, they would only need a code that can talk to the network. This makes adopting and using Dash a lot simpler and accessible to everybody. Users can also set up their own user names unlike other currencies where crypto-addresses are still used. This much more user friendly design will definitely help Dash to take its position as world’s best digital money.

It is obvious why ELLIPAL wants to support Dash. With fast, efficient and highly accessible design, ELLIPAL and Dash breath the same goal: to make our products as highly usable and user-friendly as possible. With support of Dash on the ELLIPAL, Dash users are now able to store and transfer between cold/hot storage without any hassle of finding a PC or making connections. ELLIPAL can also be used anywhere and anytime, like a portable ATM for Dash users.

ELLIPAL — Coldwallet 2.0 now supports DASH