What’s The Newest Innovation in Blockchain Security? — Next Generation Hardware Wallet Accepted by Users Worldwide

“Compared to the Ledger Nano S, ELLIPAL’s mobile-oriented design is much more user friendly”. — Du Wei — CEO Coinwallet

ELLIPAL is a new generation cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It focuses on being the safest and most convenient hardware wallet in the world giving one-stop, secure, hardware wallet for mobile phone users. ELLIPAL finished its crowd-funding campaign over a month ago having reached 550% of its goal. This success was due to ELLIPAL’s vision to tackle the lingering problems that has been bothering many hardware wallet users, resulting in massive interest given by hardware wallet users worldwide.

Traditional hardware wallets has to be connected to PC via USB cables in order to be accessed which can be very inconvenient for many. Moreover, they are difficult to set up and use resulting in many not choosing to use a hardware wallet. They would rather risk getting hacked than using a device they do not understand. What ELLIPAL developed is a hardware wallet that works with mobile phones, support all daily transaction needs, easy to use and offer great value for money. These features are never before seen in the hardware wallet market today so the next generation wallet — ELLIPAL — Coldwallet 2.0 becomes the name.

Utilizing QR code technology, ELLIPAL has developed a system that allows private keys and blockchain information to be transferred efficiently without any connection. This not only increases the convenience and portability, it surprisingly upgrades hardware wallet’s safety to the next level. Without any connection, the ELLIPAL becomes completely isolated making it impossible to hack or gets any information stolen.

ELLIPAL has already been supported and used by many users world wide. Users had given feed backs like : “works perfectly”, “works anywhere”, “cool design”, “great support team” and more. ELLIPAL’s goal now is to expand to even more countries and support even more coins. The team at ELLIPAL is looking forward to a very exciting time ahead.

Countries that ELLIPAL has shipped to: USA, UK, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Philipines, Singapore, and Thailand.

ELLIPAL has also partnered with experts and famous third parties to help review the ELLIPAL. More and more experts has been contacting ELLIPAL to ask for review opportunities. A word from Mr. Deweig, CEO of Coinwallet, a major hardware wallet distributor: “ELLIPAL, as a new hardware wallet brand, brings us a new and improved security design to keep users assets safe. Compared to Ledger, ELLIPAL’s mobile-oriented design is much more user friendly”.

Now, ELLIPAL is fully in mass production and is ready to ship to users world wide from its home base: Hong Kong. ELLIPAL will stand to support its users and dedicate it self to connecting everyone safely and conveniently to the blockchain. ELLIPAL is always open to support its customer and here their voice. Users and connect with us through:

email: info@ellipal.com

Telegram: https://t.me/ellipalglobal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ellipalwallet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellipalclub

Users can order the ELLIPAL directly from www.order.ellipal.com or learn more at www.ellipal.com

ELLIPAL and its companion APP

Originally published at medium.com on October 8, 2018.