Work from home they said.

For most of us, each day is like groundhog day at the moment. We’re waking up later than normal on weekdays even though we are still working, we have collectively realised so much time is wasted on commuting and how much easier it is without school drop-offs or lunch boxes to pack.

We’re dressing relaxed, not a full ‘weekend mode’ but that kind of ‘I need a better shirt on’ for the zoom meeting style, and shoes are optional. …

I’ve run a startup space, community, work space, incubator, innovation hub for the last 6 years. Not all the spaces are the same and I’m not assuming they are however I have visited enough around the globe to know there are some very consistent things within each community that I want talk about here to shine the light on the behind the scenes workhorses.

On a confident day I will admit to being and Entrepreneur to honour my previous business ventures and experience with starting, owning and operating a business. There is certainly no globally relevant business in my history…

Sex and the City, Big Balls and the Bitch Pitch

A few good women and 1 week in London.

Startup Catalyst Mission leaders are ultimately responsible for facilitating life changing experiences abroad usually within a thriving global startup hotspot.

I wasn’t sure how this post-mission debrief post was going to evolve, but here goes. Somewhere high in the sky between Heathrow and Dubai on my way home I watched Sex and the City the movie, something I’ve watched more than 10 times just like the entire series. …

Mother of Wonder Woman.

I’ve been waiting to see the latest Wonder Woman since it was released, today I finally made it to the cinema and took the whole family.

Most importantly I took my 7 year old daughter and my 10 year old son.

The opening scene, was hands down the best part for me. Gorgeous, powerful, strong women, armoured up to the max fighting with each other ‘training’ Amazonian style. It was sexy, powerful, strong, raw. I wanted to be them, be with them, be one of them, train with them, be pushed to be better, be supported…

Peta Ellis

Proud mother. Human strategist, connector, community leader.

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