My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio!

The video above is my first ever production that I directed, produced, filmed, and edited all by myself. I attempted to revolve the video around the fire spinning skills of a friend of mine, Alizee Duloisy. We worked together to plan out what spinning moves would look the best for the video, where we wanted to film, and the people that needed to be involved. We also decided to use her boyfriend as an extra hand for the fire as well as an actor in the video. The biggest difficulties with this video were the cold, the power supply for the lighting, and the scene with Alizee spitting fire. We simply did not think of needing a power supply or even a heater. I learned from this experience that weather conditions undoubtedly need to be considered while planning for a shoot. Also, when looking for a location to shoot, the necessity for power should be assessed first in order to find a proper spot to suit your needs. The editing skills in the video are very basic since it was an earlier video of mine this year. I had a blast making this video even though it was sort of a pain to film!

Ellis Family Vacation 2016 was quite a fun video to film. Every year, my family and I go to the Dominican Republic for vacation. This is one of our favorite paces to visit so I wanted to make a video in order to display just how much we enjoy our time there. I rented a DJI Osmo for the duration of the trip, which I filmed with for the majority of the video. Unfortunately, while we were there it rained nearly 60% of the time so I did not get nearly as much footage as I would have liked to. I think this is one of my best videos I have ever made even though it is a family video. The editing in the video is also more advanced than in don’t get burned.

This is a video I edited for a friend of my father. His son’s college baseball team wanted a video that would reflect the MLB version of the famous speech from Field of Dreams. Since I did not film the footage used in the video, I had to deal with the video and audio quality given to me. I did my best to match up each shot with the actual version of the video. I used a method where I put the actual video in the corner of my editing screen so that when I played my version, both version would play in sync. I also could not find the actual song used in the original version so I did my best to find a song that was similar to the original. I ended up using “Hand Covers Bruise” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from The Social Network. I thought this project turned out nicely and the parents of the players loved it.

While spending time skiing around Lake Tahoe, I found that over the lake there was very little light pollution, making it a great place long exposure photography. The light illuminating the pine trees and reflecting off of the lake truly makes this picture quite magical in my opinion. I used a Joby tripod to wrap my camera around the side of a pier in order to keep it in place long enough to capture this shot.

I captured this photo in Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic. I am very into landscape photography, so I tried to snap a nice picture of one of the restaurants nearly hanging off of one of the cliffs over the Chavon River. The contrast against the dark sky in the background gives the photo some character in my opinion.

Here is a photo I snapped while taking production stills for Tom Ball on a shoot for Tucker Ellis, a law firm in downtown Cleveland. Two RED cameras were being used on set so I wanted to take some higher quality pictures of what was being used and in what fashion. This specific camera was being used for a continuous pan shot during all three of the intervews conducted that day. You can also see the boom arm coming across the upper right hand corner of the photo, angled towards the man being interviewed. This shoot was very interesting and allowed me to truly understand what it was like to be on the set of a somewhat larger production.

This last photo is a shot of singer Amber Bain from a band called The Japanese House. The Japanese House is one of my favorite bands currently. So, when I heard that they were playing at a small venue, I took advantage of the opportunity and brought my camera along in order to maybe snap some shots of the musicians. The shots ended up turning out really well overall. This was one of my favorites from the concert.